Business And Development Queens

You belong here.

A business and personal development community.

B.A.D Queens is where women gather to connect, network, grow, learn, and be inspired.

Empowerment and networking for women.

Regardless of your journey, ethnicity, title, or income…you belong here.

In-person gatherings where everyone is accepted.

Business and personal development, sprinkled with a whole lot of fun!

“It can be challenging to find a group of women who hold space for others in all walks of life. I have found this space with BAD Moms! We encourage each other to continue to grow and become the best versions of themselves.”


“BAD moms has been an amazing opportunity for business women within the community to showcase their skills, creativity, self-employment & work ethic. This is a group of ladies that help encourage and support each other to be successful. BAD moms has showcased businesses that I never knew existed until I joined this group.  Tj has brought numerous ladies together that have formed beautiful friendships that will last a lifetime.”


“The B.A.D. Moms community creates a safe and authentic environment to connect and develop personally while allowing strong, lasting, and meaningful friendships to be created. The stories are inspirational and you are safe to show up just as you are. The community is a great opportunity to connect with local, like-minded women who contribute positively to each other.”


About B.A.D Queens

Throughout my life, there have been many instances where I have not felt like I belonged. Where my worth was not enough for me to feel loved and accepted. My hope for others is to have them feel seen and worthy of being part of something with no strings attached. I wanted to create a community of women for women who know that regardless of their journey, ethnicity, title, or income…they belong here.

Business And Development Queens started out as a celebration for two friends that stepped out of their comfort zones and tried something new. Since that day, B.A.D Queens has grown into a community of beautiful women that have the desire to connect, network, grow, learn, and be inspired. We provide monthly in-person events for women to do just that, all while having a whole lot of fun! We strive to provide a safe space where women can feel like they belong.

We look forward to meeting YOU!!

Join us for our fun and educational events! You will be welcomed with open arms.

TJ Aneca

I’m TJ, the face behind our B.A.D Queens community!

I’m a half Japanese Mama to 6 crazy kiddos, a Grandma, and wife to the most supportive hubby around. I’ve been a professional photographer for 16 years, a health & life coach as well as a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and an Independent Arbonne Consultant.

Adding to that list, I am also the founder of B.A.D Queens.

B.A.D stands for business and development, which I am very passionate about. I love connecting with other women, building community, supporting good humans, learning from others, and holding space for those who need it.

I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you beautiful humans!